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Extreme Performance

Help build the global competitiveness of the GB ultra running teams

Be part of our athletes’ stories as they excel

Help make the incredible possible

Corporate Health & Wellbeing

Improve mental and physical health in your team

Inspire with real-life stories of incredible achievement

Deliver a positive message of personal development and resilience

Values & Culture

Embrace elite performance through amazing teamwork

Make positive values real and compelling for your team

Dedication, resilience, belief, imagination - and just the right amount of crazy!

Science & Knowledge

Gain insight into the best practices in endurance globally

Support additions to the science of mental and physical performance

Share learning within and without the world of sport

Help us share learning with essential and emergency services

Content & Brand

Stunning visual content

Incredible human interest stories

Collaboration on campaigns

Races, podcasts, social media, publications and events


Explore collaboration on events, products and research

We can share our story with your team or customers

Reward your team with Hour 7 training camps or events


We use top videography, photography and writing professionals

Experienced management team intent on delivering to partners

Dedicated communication and social media resources


Be part of something truly ground-breaking aimed at improving lives

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