We Are Hour 7

We are an elite ultra-running team striving to be global leaders in the science of endurance and recovery. The extreme edge of performance is a place of rapid learning. So we select international-class athletes and work to help them achieve the incredible. Together we are stronger.

1st place Sri Chimnoy Paris 100km 29 Jun 2024
1st place Ultra Sierra Nevada 6 Apr 2024
1st Woman at Country to Capital Ultra 6 Jan 2024
Two athletes run for GB at World 24-Hour Championships in Taipei 2 Dec 2023
1st Place TransLantau™ by UTMB® 11 Nov 2023
2nd Place Gran Vuelta Del Genal 129km 4 Nov 2023
16th at UTMB Mont Blanc 2 Sep 2023
3 first places at La Thuile Trail races in Italy 22 Jul 2023
11th at World Mountain and Trail Championships 84km 9 Jun 2023
Winner South Downs Way 100km 28 May 2023
2 athletes in GB&NI team for World Mountain & Trail Running Championships 5 Apr 2023
Athlete sets new 40 mile world record 5 Mar 2023
Team Manager sets new British 24-Hour Record 26 Feb 2023
2nd Fastest British Mens 50k of All Time 12 Feb 2023
Athlete in GB team for European 24-Hour Championships 18 Sep 2022
Men’s top 10 at Trofeo Kima extreme skyrace 28 Aug 2022
Three athletes in GB team at World 100km Championships 27 Aug 2022
Men’s Winner Gloucester 50k 9 Jul 2022
Women’s winner Ultra Trail Snowdonia 2 Jul 2022
Women’s and Overall Winner Grand Union Canal Race 4 Jun 2022
Age group World Record for 100-miles 23 Apr 2022
Women’s 100-mile British Record 23 Apr 2022
National 100km men’s podium 3 Apr 2022
National 100km women’s champion 3 Apr 2022
Men’s Winner Barry 40-Mile 6 Mar 2022

The Team

Our athletes all have the potential to run with the best in the world at their event. Perhaps they already do. They are ultra-runners, specialising in events longer than the marathon, such as 100 km, 100 miles, or many hundreds of miles. They have in common a drive to perform, to learn, and to be part of a team. And, yes, perhaps they also embrace a special kind of madness. The kind that thrives on challenge.

Latest News

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Caroline Turner finishes 1st at Country to Capital



16 Jan

Hour 7 Running News - Tom Joly 1st place at UTMB Translantau 130km

Tom Joly 1st place at UTMB Translantau 130km



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Samantha Amend Q&A with Fast Running



14 Oct


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Fasted Training

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Hour 7 Running Resources - 1st place at Country to Capital

1st place at Country to Capital

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Hour 7 Running Resources - 2nd at Gran Vuelta Valle Del Genal

2nd at Gran Vuelta Valle Del Genal

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Case Studies


14 Dec


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